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"Plans for this spring's flower garden and current growth status of flower seedlings"

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It's late March, and the mornings and evenings seem to be getting colder little by little. However, we have had three days of strong winds here.

Meanwhile, the buds of the flowering trees are growing rapidly.

Inside the farm, yellow and red witch hazel flowers are in full bloom. Daffodils are also starting to bloom little by little.

Pansies and violas have been planted along the road, and tulip buds are growing smoothly. The plum blossoms are starting to unravel and I think they will bloom soon.

The buds in the tulip fields at Yumemigaoka Garden and Nijigaoka Garden are also growing considerably. It will start blooming in early April...

I think the cherry blossoms will start blooming in mid-April. In any case, we are about to enter the season when many different kinds of flowers will bloom.

We are looking forward to your visit and have maintained the landscape to the best of our ability.

Farm Department Kenichi Oikawa

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