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Cooking study session using “Japanese herbs” held

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As a pre-event for the 24th National Herb Summit in Ichinoseki/Ichinoseki Herb Festival
Today, March 8th, a cooking study session using ``Japanese herbs'' was held.
We invited Professor Hiroshi Takeuchi, vice president of the Japan Tsumikusa Research Group, who is also the advisor of the Takebe Seian Kenbunka Shōkai, to be a lecturer.
I learned about cooking (green curry) using Japanese herbs (tsumikusa).
Participants were curious about the ingredients they don't normally use.

Although the study session was for restaurants in the city, there were many general participants and it was a great success.

This time's main character is "Tsumikusa".
From the left, wolfberry, kakidooshi, and goji, all of which are ingredients that commonly grow in fields and mountains.

Stir-fry the onions in coconut oil. This area is the same as normal green curry.

Add Japanese herbs! ! (I use various techniques, but it's a secret here.)

Furthermore, add mulberry leaf powder and complete! !
The curry has a spicy aroma, but is mild and very easy to eat!

In the future, we plan to offer Japanese herbal dishes at each restaurant in Ichinoseki City.
Everyone, please look forward to it!
Maybe a new local gourmet dish will be born?

Tategamori Ark Ranch Hitoshi Komatsu

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