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Source of energy: Fertilizer < Megumi of young leaves! >

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In spring, a wonderful jutan (wheat field) with young leaves grows next to the Tategamori Ham Factory.
Spreading fertilizer in the fall, sowing wheat seeds, surviving the cold winter,
As the name of the ``Wakaba no Megumi'' fertilizer suggests, it produces strong buds.

The scenery will soothe your soul!

We also received a survey from everyone last year.
Most of the users were between 70 and 85 years old.
``Wakaba no Megumi'' is smooth and light, making field work easier even for the elderly.
People say they can eat pesticide-free vegetables with their families.
If you are 60 years old, what should you do after retirement? The ``home garden'' that I decided on was a source of energy.
"Growing vegetables is so much fun, and it's great for your health," he said.
A husband and wife come to pick up fertilizer with their truck.

Wakaba Co., Ltd. wants to become a gear for recycling-oriented agriculture and a source of family harmony.
Let's have fun this year by growing lots of vegetables with (Wakaba no Megumi)!

Wakaba Reiko Tamazawa

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