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New products have arrived!

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Hello everyone!
Today is March 3rd, Hinamatsuri!

Speaking of Hina dolls, they are characterized by long, slit eyes.
I was watching TV the other day,
Hina dolls with clear eyes and lace on the 12-seater doll were introduced.
Apparently it's a half-Japanese and half-foreigner setting.
The staff at the shop said, ``We make new styles of dolls that match the times.''
Apparently it's selling well.

Traditional culture also changes with the times.
It will probably be inherited into the future.

Now, speaking of "new"...
A new product has arrived! !

[Tategamori Highland Pork Dry Pork]!

Slice lean meat from Tategamori Kogen pork,
No food additives such as sodium nitrite or binders are used.
Marinated in Ark's original seasoning liquid, smoked, and dried.

Seasoned with soy sauce lees powder and rum, the product has a deep flavor.

It has a slightly strong taste, so
It's perfect as a snack with alcohol.

Although it is an additive-free product, it can be stored at room temperature, so
You can keep it at home as a snack or preserved food.

Please try it once.

Sales Department Shinohara

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