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Nice to meet you, my name is Maki Chiba and I belong to the farm department.

Since joining the company in May 2017, I have worked in almost all departments.
It's already been a year since I've had the opportunity to experience various jobs.

I have continued to purchase products for a year since I joined the company.
We have farm market products.
It's pork buns and animal cookies.

Pork buns are fluffy and have fine air layers in the dough.
The toppings are filled with pork that is slightly sour and just the right amount of salt.
Although it is heavy and filling, it can be eaten easily.
It's a strange thing.

Each box of animal cookies comes in two flavors.
The cookies are not too sweet and have a gentle texture, but each cookie is also thick.
It's thick, so it fills you up when you're feeling hungry.
it's recommended.

Surrounded by delicious in-house products, we will do something new this year too.
I will continue to improve while taking on challenges.

The picture above depicts the sunset seen from in front of the tree house.

Maki Chiba

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