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These days I'm in a rush mode for next month's exam.
As a housewife and mother, it's difficult for me to find time to concentrate and study, but I think I'll be able to make it in time for next month's exam.

I'm currently studying vegetable sommelier.
I'm learning about vegetables and fruits.

Since I started studying, I feel that the way I view vegetables and fruits has changed.
Food cannot be separated from our daily lives.
The more you learn about the role vegetables and fruits play and how important they are to your body, the more you will appreciate them.

Nowadays, vegetables are so cute and cute that I feel like they are my own children.
Today, I will be cooking dinner while playing the lecture DVD, thinking that I will be able to acquire more and more knowledge and be of use to others.
Let's do our best! ! !
Miyuki Hashinuma

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