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Assortment of additive-free and pesticide-free ingredients! Introducing regular flights

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Happy New Year everyone!
My name is Shinohara from the sales department.

Thank you for your continued support this year.

This year is the ``year of the bird,'' so this is Nella-chan, who gives birth to old eggs.

Now, what I would like to introduce to you this time is
[Tategamori Ark Ranch regular delivery]!

Tategamori Ark Farm offers three regular flights.

≪Yamabato flight≫
Assortment of pesticide-free grown vegetables, old eggs, Tategamori Plateau pork, additive-free ham, sausage, delicatessen, etc.

≪Tategamori Plateau Pig Club≫
Assortment of Tategamori Kogen pork meat

≪Tategamori Meister Club≫
Assortment of additive-free ham, sausage, and delicatessen

I see many other companies offering regular deliveries of safe and secure ingredients.
The main features of Tategamori Ark Farm's regular flights are:

[The ingredients delivered must be from Tategamori Ark Farm]!
*Some locally produced products, such as natto, may also be included.

Our own brand meat, Tategamori Kogen pork,
Of course, we use our own branded eggs,
Additive-free hams and sausages, handmade breads and sweets, pesticide-free vegetables...

We deliver all ingredients produced and manufactured at Tategamori Ark Farm!

In order to deliver vegetables that can be harvested at that time,
In the summer, the focus is on summer vegetables, and in the winter, the focus is on winter vegetables.
We offer the most delicious and nutritious "seasonal" produce that can be harvested in the season.

Each regular service is available from once a month to three times a month.
You can use it conveniently according to your convenience!


In order for you to try each regular flight first,
We are offering [50% off] for the first month!

for example···
Tategamori Meister Club Monthly Course¥3,780 → ¥1,890
Yamabato service 3 times a month course¥10,800 → ¥5,400

It will be!
It's very affordable! !

(By the way, there is no saying that you have to continue for ● months.
You can try the regular service for just one month and cancel if you don't like it. )

Why not try it once?

Additionally, if you add another item to your regular delivery, there will be no additional shipping charges.
I'm sure you'll find it useful ^^

Sales Department Yukako Shinohara

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