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Farm Market is off to a good start this year.

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Even when I watch TV or listen to FM Asumo, I hear, ``It's cold!'' ” is all I hear every day.
How are you all spending your cold days?
At the farm market, we are offering tastings of ancient egg soup, so please come and visit us.
It's very warm.
The first sale, held on January 4th, had less snow compared to last year, so we were able to have a large number of customers.
thank you.
A whole loaf of bread and the ranch's original retort curry set, which are not normally sold at bakeries.
We sold lucky bags. It was very popular♪
Why not try making a simple curry sandwich using curry and bread?

Make a slit from the side of the bread, fill it with curry, and bake until golden brown.
At the farm market, we sell bread unsliced, so you can cut it as thickly as you like.
You can also enjoy it!

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Misae Sato

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