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The cornerstone of recycling-oriented agriculture Wakaba Co., Ltd.

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Wakaba Co., Ltd. is the cornerstone of recycling-oriented agriculture, and is what thoroughly characterizes our group.
I work every day with a strong awareness that the sound management of Wakaba will greatly contribute to the sound management of our group.

We are working with the ambition of not only recycling local resources effectively and helping with soil preparation, but also playing a role in local agriculture.
Contributing to the creation of local soil and continuing to provide products that exceed customer expectations will open up the future of Wakaba.
We believe that it is our mission to propose new forms of agriculture while cooperating with local communities.

At Wakaba, 2,000 tons per year are being processed by a small group of 6 people. It's a very difficult situation, but everyone is doing their best.
Next year, the organic fertilizer "Tategamori Tsuchi no Megumi" packaged in a size that is easy to use at home will be on sale at the online shop, so please use it.
thank you.
Wakaba Hikaru Sato

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