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How much do pigs gain in a day?

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Today I would like to explain how much weight a pig gains in a day.
First of all, pigs weigh about 1200-1400g when they are born, and 100-120kg when they turn into meat after about 6 months, so their weight increases about 100 times in six months.
Pigs grow very quickly and can gain 1kg for every 3kg of feed they eat. By the way, cows eat 10 to 11 kg of feed and gain 1 kg, so you can see how fast pigs grow.
I'm in charge of fattening the cats, so I'm in charge of them from about 70 days old, and when they're 70 days old, they eat about 1350g of feed a day and gain 560 to 680g. Also, just before shipping, they eat about 3kg a day, so they gain about 1kg.
However, just feeding them won't make them eat much. By creating a comfortable environment for pigs, they will eat a lot of food and grow larger. That's why we manage our pigs on a daily basis, paying close attention to creating an environment for them.

Pig Farming Division Fujisawa Farm Mitsuaki Nasu

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