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``Ark Juku'' was held on the 12th of last month.

This cram school was run by the ``Employee Satisfaction Improvement Committee'' within the Ark Group, and the content of the seminar was to have employees sample the company's products, and to encourage customers to become fans. One thing is to get people to become fans.

In addition, as we carry out a variety of businesses, this meeting is designed to help employees learn about the kind of work that departments other than their own do, and to make them feel proud of working for the company. Masu.

At the tasting, we tried main products such as Tategamori Plateau pork and organic and pesticide-free vegetables, as well as new products such as premier cru from free-range pork, financier, udon, and egg soup.

Additionally, in the departmental presentations, the Pig Farming Department and the Farming Department presented their respective initiatives.

By the way, the farm department gave presentations on the annual work schedule, the faces of employees and their efforts, landscape management, vegetable cultivation, and the "Herb Summit" to be held in Ichinoseki City next year.
People from other departments don't usually get a close look at the work being done in the farm department, so I think this presentation helped them learn more about it.

I'm sure you must have felt cold since it was held in the evening in November, but I really appreciate your hard work.
We look forward to seeing you again for the second time.

Farm Department Chiba

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