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The pork buns from the farm are handmade!

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Hello, this is Konno from Tategamori Ark Ranch Farm Market.

It's really cold in the morning and evening. Although the real snow hasn't arrived yet, the morning greeting with the staff begins with a simple remark, ``It's cold.''

Meanwhile, the animals at Tategamori Ark Farm are running around energetically.

Well, this year as well, production of "butaman" at Tategamori Ark Farm has begun in earnest.

Last year, we changed to bread crumbs made from bread baked at the farm market's bakery, but this year we have further evolved the existing recipe and renewed it by using organic JAS wheat grown in-house from Chukaman Concours.

As a result, the raw materials for our products that are not produced at our farm have become limited to seasonings, dried shiitake mushrooms, etc.

The season for pork buns has arrived, and three times a week, teams of three work together to knead the flour, add ingredients, shape the buns, then press the foil and steamer, producing about 400 buns a day.

Since the molding is done by hand without using a machine, if you are not used to it, you may end up with holes and end up with items that cannot be used as products.

Although it is difficult, the work is a lot of fun.

At the farm market, we sell frozen pork buns (3 pieces) and steamed pork buns.

We also sell them at online shops. ⇒

Please enjoy Tategamori Ark Farm's handmade "butaman" this cold winter.

It's already December, but it would definitely make a nice gift to include a pork bun in your year-end gift.

This year, the farm market will be open until the morning of December 30th, and next year's first sale will begin on January 4th.

We will be selling special lucky bags for the first time on the 4th, so please come and visit us.

All the staff are looking forward to seeing you.

Farm Market Konno

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