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This is Kashimoto from the Tokyo office.

December is approaching, isn't it?
It's still cold compared to Iwate, but Tokyo is getting colder.
This month, we often have our products displayed in stores for tasting promotions.
We received a variety of feedback from our customers.

This time we will introduce some of them.


"Jagdwurst" and "Paprikawurst" at a store
This is when I was introducing it.

"Do you sell wurst? Isn't wurst a sausage?"
A woman approached me.

We introduced our two types of wurst to the customer,
After tasting it,

"Ah, this is delicious. I'll have it at home."

I loved it right away.

I heard that he had lived in Germany before, and that he often went to the butcher shop to buy things including wurst.
It seems that he bought various kinds of sausages and liked them.
At the butcher shop, the products sold vary depending on the time of day.
If there is a product you want, check the time and adjust the timing.
He said he was running to the butcher to buy something.

I felt nostalgic for stories like that,

"I thought they weren't sold in Japan, but
It was here. I'll come again. ”

He said happily with a smile.

I personally think our ham is really delicious,
We often hear from our customers that they are delicious.
For those who have eaten various sausages in the authentic Germany.
I feel really happy and grateful to be so happy.
(Thank you to everyone at the Pig Farming Division and Ham Factory)


Wurst is a product that is perfect for the coming year-end and New Year season.
Just cut it and it becomes hors d'oeuvre. It looks great and goes well with wine ☆

pleaseherePlease check it out♪
There are 3 types! Please choose according to your preference!


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