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The rice companion that goes well with Iwate Prefecture's original rice "Ginga no Shizuku" is...

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This year, after 10 years, Iwate Prefecture finally started selling "Ginga no Shizuku" rice.
The rice companion that goes well with this Galaxy Drop is...
The ingredient selected by Iwate's rice master is raw eggs!
Moreover, “old eggs” from Tategamori Ark Farm
So, I decided to be interviewed on TV by Iwate Asahi Broadcasting.

Even though I'm not the main character, I'm nervous, super nervous, super nervous...

This coverage covers everything from the experience of actually picking up eggs to actually eating them.

When picking up eggs, you can feel the warmth of freshly laid eggs.
We were introduced to the chickens that we love and feed them in the 300-chicken house.

And finally...
Enjoy the collaboration of "Galaxy Drops + Old Eggs".

The chewy texture of the rice and the soft texture of the egg,
It mixes in your mouth and you can have as many cups as you like! That's what it felt like.
(Because it was just around lunchtime) lol

Click here for information on old eggs☟

Click here for the contents broadcast on TV☟

The photo session ended with a commemorative photo taken with announcer Hatayama.

Actually, one of the younger employees had the day off, so it was up to me, an old man, to handle the situation.
Next time, I think a lively young employee will be in charge, so please look forward to it!

​Poultry Farming Department Kenichi Hashinuma

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