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Employee training and ARC cram school held

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For employees to learn about Ark Group and the merits of our products
The 1st Ark Juku was held the other day.

When tasting vape products, there was no seasoning at all.
This is done with the aim of letting you feel the original taste of the ingredients.

Grown without pesticidesKomatsuna, cabbage, potatoI ate it boiled.
The komatsuna has a nice texture, the cabbage is sweet, and the potatoes are fluffy and delicious.
I learned about the deliciousness of Ark's pesticide-free vegetables.

At a later presentation by the farm department, they used chili peppers and Japanese azalea to grow vegetables without pesticides.
It seems that they are cultivated and controlled with natural pesticides.

Our proudTategamori Plateau Porkand a new product, pasture-raised pigs.Premier CruIn the shabu-shabu eating comparison of thigh and shoulder loin,
Thigh meat with a beautiful red color and flavor,
The shoulder loin was so sweet that it almost melted on your tongue, and you could taste the differences in the quality of each piece of meat.


Pastured pigs in the job description presentation for the pig farming businessPremier CruAs a characteristic, we raise pasture in a natural environment,
It is said that it brings out the natural meat quality and flavor of the pig, and that it also contains herbs in the feed.
Although this was my first attempt at ARK Juku, I learned a lot of things.
It was very good. I would like to make use of this knowledge and work hard in the future.
Corporate Planning Office Numakura

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