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Winter is all about hotpot ♪ A simple hotpot that housewives will love)^o^(

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It's getting colder day by day. Ark Ranch is also preparing for winter. Next spring, I want to see the smiling faces of many customers, and it's delicious! I wanted to hear about the people at the farm who are braving the cold to sow tulips, onions, and wheat.
Food is the basis of maintaining a healthy body. And winter is all about hot pot! !
Ark has many carefully selected additive-free products lined up, and from among them, we would like to introduce "Frozen Udon" and "Black Chicken Tsukune"♪
Mothers are happy to save time (*^_^*) And it's delicious ♪ And even though it's frozen, there are no additives ♪♪
The sweetness of the meatball soup stock and the additive-free vegetables paprika and komatsuna grown at Ark are sure to warm your mind and body♪


Farm Market Chika Hatakeyama

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