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I trimmed the horse's hooves.

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The other day, I had a hoof trimmer cut the hooves of a donkey and a pony.
Just as humans grow their nails, animals grow their hooves.
Special tools are used to trim the hoof.

It's used by a veteran, so it has some age.

Once the hoof is cut, clean it up and file it down with a large file.
It takes about 30 minutes per head. It may take some time, but if you don't take care of it, your horse's health will be affected.
We work diligently to maintain your health.

This is a donkey whose hooves have been trimmed.
It looks like it's refreshing somehow.
I think it has become easier to move around, so I hope you will continue to run around energetically and let your loud voice be heard.

Poultry Farming Department Keijiro Omote

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