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The moment I saw growth

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The other day, a new chef at Til's was appointed.
The previous Kanazawa chef worked hard until he was 67 years old and retired. (Thank you for your hard work, Chef Kanazawa!!!)
I had been looking for a new chef before he retired, but finding a good chef is not easy.
There was a time when I was stuck in the kitchen instead of standing in the hall.
There were times when I didn't have time to teach the young employees in the hall.
I was very nervous so as not to cause any inconvenience to the customers.

Under such circumstances, a new chef was found,
Before I knew it, the two young employees in charge of the hall had grown into working adults.
Two young people with completely different personalities.
I became a member of society who was able to think not only about myself but also how I could help those around me.
Turn a crisis into an opportunity.
Exactly as the word says.
The possibilities for young people are limitless.
Around this time, I wanted to watch over the plants until they bloomed and set fruit, without picking off the buds.

Miyuki Hashinuma


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