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Discerning butter top

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One of the popular products at the farm market: Butter Top (mountain-shaped bread)
This is a product that takes quite a while from preparation to baking.
1 hour from preparation to primary fermentation.
1 hour for secondary fermentation.
40 minutes in the pot.
It takes about 4 hours to bake.
After temporary fermentation.
After secondary fermentation.
Finished baking.
Bread, like meat and vegetables, quickly loses its freshness when cut into pieces.
At the farm market, we make sure to preserve the aroma and freshness of freshly baked goods.
We sell bread without slicing it.
The smell of wheat and butter when you open the bag makes you feel very happy.
This is a popular item in online shops, so please check out our website as well.
Please take a look.
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Misae Sato

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