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About the 2016 Fall/Winter Gift Catalog

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Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture, where our farm is located, is also gradually becoming
I feel that the footsteps of winter are approaching.
There are days when temperatures are in the single digits early in the morning and at night.
It's becoming normal...

Now, this week, for those of you who have used mail order with our ranch members,
We are sending you the quarterly magazine "Tategamori Winter" issue.
"2016 Autumn/Winter Gift Catalog" has been shipped.

Also, similar products are available on the online shop's gift sets and select gift pages.
It is published.

This year's year-end gift is
8 new items have been added.
There are also 3 winter limited items listed.

Of course, it is a year-end gift, but
Great as a gift for birthdays, family gifts, etc., or for your own use.
Please feel free to use it.
We look forward to receiving your application.

Sales Department Honma


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