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It's around this time that the temperature starts to drop rapidly in the mornings and evenings, and it feels like autumn is in full swing.
This time, I would like to introduce how to protect herbs and flower seedlings from the cold before the cold weather sets in.

*Mulching to keep warm
Seedlings that are cold-resistant can survive the winter safely by simply pruning them short, but seedlings that are a little weaker should be mulched. Spread straw, fallen leaves, plastic, etc. It also prevents mud and weeds.

Trees with woody stems may break or split under the weight of snow, so it is a good idea to prop them up with support.

I think it would be a good idea to surround a small greenhouse with wire or poles and cover it with plastic.

*Bring seedlings that are sensitive to cold indoors!
Seedlings that are native to warm areas are sensitive to cold, so if you have them planted in a garden or field, dig them up, transfer them to pots, and bring them indoors.
I think it would be a good idea to keep it warm by putting it in a Styrofoam or cardboard box. In that case, be careful where you place it and how you expose it to sunlight during the day!

If you are wondering whether the herbs and flower seedlings sold at plant shops are cold resistant or not, please feel free to contact us as we would like to share our experience with planting them on a farm. (*^^*)

                                  Farm Department Yukie Chiba

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