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sakura cherry blossoms in september

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Ark Farm is now in full bloom, with bright red salvia fields and pure white soba flower fields.

The other day, local newspapers, NHK Morioka, and other media came to interview us.

However, there are flowers quietly blooming in the shadows, although they may not be noticeable, but they have a presence that captures your heart.

It is the four seasons cherry blossoms.

​Modestly, prettyly.

This atmosphere is completely different from the luxury of spring.

People who have standards for the glamorous beauty of Western culture may not find it beautiful at all, and may even find it shabby.

However, I am sure that it will capture the hearts of the Japanese people.

Autumn cherry blossoms are not only cosmos.

In fact, there are many flowers blooming on Kagare no Oka.

"High in the sky, cherry blossoms blooming, pigs fattening"

The pastured pigs are also growing well.

Mamoru Sakura

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