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"2016 Pig Festival/Customer Appreciation Festival" was successfully held!

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 The famous Tonton Derby reception ♪
 It was so exciting! Tonton derby♪

The staff did their best despite the rain! !

Will it become a new specialty? Hormone large pot♪

Thank you to all the customers who took a long time in the rain! !

We had so many customers come!

Hello everyone. We took a look at the ``2016 Pig Festival/Customer Appreciation Festival'' held today.
Thank you very much to all our customers for coming despite the pouring rain.
My name is Masayuki Sato, who is in charge of meat at Farm Market.
It was a fulfilling two days where we met everyone's smiling faces.
Through this event, we would like to express our gratitude to the many customers who support us on a daily basis.
I think I was able to convey it.
Thank you for your continued support of Tategamori Ark Farm.

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