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Mornings and evenings are getting cooler. Are you all taking good care of your health?

I thought summer was over and the lingering heat would be harsh, but in September there are many rainy days and the heat is less harsh for the pigs.
I'm having a great time. Perhaps because of this, during the hot summer, many pigs used to fill their feeders with water or sleep, but now they have lost their appetite.
In addition, the average weight of the pigs moved this time exceeded 30 kg at 70 days of age.

Large temperature differences can make pigs sick and stress them out, so we pay close attention to the outside and indoor temperatures and adjust the amount of air intake to minimize indoor temperature changes (height differences) as much as possible. . In addition, from autumn to winter, the air will become dry and dusty, causing more pigs to cough, so watering and misting will be used to suppress dust and maintain humidity. We would like to pay close attention to the health management of the pigs so that they can grow up healthier through daily management.
Asparagus Farm Takashi Iwabuchi

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