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The workshop has started!! (^-^)v

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Although the days are still very hot, you can hear the sounds of insects at night and feel the signs of autumn.

Well, this spring, we started a workshop at the tree shop ``Cabin'' that was opened next to the ranch flower shop and plant shop!!

Even small children can easily make ``herb soap'' and ``potpourri,'' which are fun ways to make while touching herbs.

Both are 300 yen!

The world's only "pot remake" of a simple unglazed pot

If you like antiques or want a unique pot, why not try making your own pot? 1 pot costs 500 yen.
Please note that the planted succulents are sold separately. m(__)m

Cute painting experience “Castanets”

Very popular with both children and adults!
1 set is 800 yen.

We also offer daily workshops that you can enjoy without reservations, such as ``Music Box Making'' from 1,200 yen.
​We accept applications at the plant on the same day. Last reception time is 16:00.
Recommended as a souvenir to remember your time at the farm.

                                                                                                               Farm Department Yukie Chiba

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