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Introducing myself, I'm a new employee who just joined the company.

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I am a new employee in my 40s who joined the company this year.

Ark Ranch has been focusing on hiring people with disabilities for some time.
Further developing this project is a project to support the continued employment of people with disabilities.
I joined the company to start up the company.

I previously worked at a facility for people with disabilities.
People with disabilities have no place to work and have low incomes.
The employment continuity support project trains and employs such people.

We are currently in the process of applying to the government in preparation for opening in January next year.
I would like to open it somehow.

My family lives in a neighboring town and I have visited Ark Ranch several times, but after working there, I found a lot of charm that I had never known before. I would like to take the next opportunity to introduce you to that topic and business.

Returning to my self-introduction, my hobby is going out on my bike.
I haven't been riding much lately, but I'd like to go eat Sakata ramen in Yamagata sometime this year.
 Corporate Planning Office Numakura

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