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In the fragrant wind garden, there are signs of autumn...

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The cicadas are still chirping, but the fragrant wind garden is
Autumn flowers have begun to bloom.

This is what the garden looks like today. ↓↓

Native to China, it belongs to the Ranunculaceae family and is written in kanji as "Autumn chrysanthemum"
It really blooms in the middle of autumn, but I wonder if it's early this year?



Salvia yellow majesty
Native to Mexico Lamiaceae
This large salvia has a bright yellow color that will brighten up your garden.
You can enjoy the flowers until late autumn.


sage mexican bush
Native to Central America Lamiaceae
This is also a large salvia, and you can enjoy its flowers until late fall.
The velvety purple flowers are beautiful and are the most popular among our customers! !
The color is pale because it has just started blooming, but it will become more vibrant.


Native to Southeast Asia Rosaceae
He's very strong and easy to care for! !
The rosehips have turned bright red.


Sennichikou Fireworks
Native to tropical America, Amaranthaceae
It is a bright hot pink and has a rare blooming style.
I planted it in the welcome entrance garden for the first time this year.
I only planted a few plants, but they have a great presence.


And so on, blooming.

Due to the typhoon, tall plants fell down due to the weight of their flowers.
Praying that he will recover...
A fragrant garden that will become even more beautiful as autumn approaches.
Look forward to it~♪

Katsue Oikawa, in charge of Kaoru Kaze Garden


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