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National Herb Summit in Ichinoseki scheduled to be held

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As mentioned in the latest information, next year's National Herb Summit will be held.
It has been decided that the event will be held in Ichinoseki City, where Tategamori Ark Farm is located.

The date isSaturday, June 24th and Sunday, June 25th, 2017is.

Tategamori Ark Farm has been cultivating, processing, and selling herbs since its opening.
The event is held just when lavender is at its peak.
At this Herb Summit, we united in various aspects,
As one of the venues, we would like to liven up the event with events.

When you hear the word “herb”, it may sound complicated, but
Japan also has a culture of wild plants and medicinal plants.
In spring, everyone eats wild vegetables, right?
Please feel free to join us please.

Even those who don't know anything about herbs can enjoy it, and even herb lovers will appreciate it.
We are planning to plan such content.

Tategamori Ark Ranch Event Executive Committee

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