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I feel like a gardener!

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You can feel the arrival of summer with the sound of cicadas.
Summer vacation is finally here! ! Isn't there a lot of kids who say that?
A fun summer vacation comes with independent research and craft homework, but what should we do this year? ? I think there are many parents and children who are worried about this.

The farm has a class called ``Miniature Garden Class'' that is recommended for those people!

Create your ideal garden by planting plants and moss in a small, not-too-deep box, and making accessories out of twigs, wire, and other objects.

2,160 yen per person (reservation required)
Time required: Approximately 1 hour 
Dates and Times Weekdays (Monday to Friday), Saturdays and Sundays are available for consultation.
Please come with an apron or clothes you don't mind getting dirty, and bring work gloves.

It might be a good idea to observe the growth of plants and try cooking at home using the herbs you have planted.

It's also great for parents and children to create a piece together.
It's sure to be a fun memory of summer (*^^*)

                                Farm Department Yukie Chiba

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