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Lavender honey harvesting again today.

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A cloudy sky that can come at any time.

Under such a sky, lavender honey was collected today as well.

​The flowers in the large lavender fields are past their peak and the colors are dull, but the young plants are still in full bloom.

In addition, purple lavender is still blooming beautifully in the fragrant wind garden.

​According to the beekeeper who came to collect the nectar, the flowers produce the most nectar when they fall.

​So, it took almost a whole day to collect honey with the bees who were working hard from the early morning.

​The bees desperately resisted, saying, "You won't be able to collect lavender soon, so don't take it with you!"

, I was stabbed quite a bit while working, and he was laughing...

​It was my first time doing beekeeping this year, and I was able to collect more than 120kg in about a month.

A sweet and delicious honey with a faint lavender scent.

Thank you bees for all your hard work!

Lavender honey is finished this time.

However, in the fragrant wind garden, many herb flowers are in full bloom.

​From now on, we may be able to collect herbal nectar.

​ ARK Ranch's casual beekeeper


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