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About the growth and feeding of baby animals

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The deer pups at Ark Ranch are growing well.
They still drink their parents' milk, but when they grow up they will grow large horns like an adult male.

The adult male is visible in the background on the right. It will look great in about a month.
He has the personality of a leader.

The fawn is still busy drinking milk from its mother.

You're desperately breastfeeding.

Children have a habit of gathering together. It's a fawn kindergarten.
They haven't come to the food in the vending machine yet, but they might come a lot next year.
I'm looking forward to next year.

By the way, vending machines are installed in the ``Fureai Square'', ``Red Deer Area'', and ``Wanpaku Square''.

Poultry Farming Department Keijiro Omote

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