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About "Nera" bred at the ranch

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Do you know the chicken called "Nera"?

I think some of you have actually seen it, but unlike normal chickens,

A chicken with black feathers.

The Dutch chicken is said to produce the most beautiful eggs in the world.

It has a large body and is the most suitable breed for grazing rather than cage keeping.

I enjoy running around in nature.

They eat carefully selected feed and are raised in a stress-free environment, so the ARK Ranch's

The chickens are very healthy and produce delicious eggs.

Various ranch items such as pandelow, boulin, egg soup, castella, etc.

"Nera" is an indispensable item in making products.

You can also experience picking eggs, so please take a look when you come to the ranch.

Please experience it.

It's the turn of the season, so be careful not to lose your physical condition.


Sales Department Satomi Chiba

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