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About Potager

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Vegetable garden at Ark Farm.
The name of the vegetable garden has been changed to "Potage"!

Potager means "to mix" in French.
In France, it refers to a traditional style garden in which vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers are planted together.

The vegetables grown here
We have planted many vegetables, including salad spinach, arugula, chervil, baby leaves, Swiss chard, mizuna, mibuna, carrots, chives, and Italian parsley.
In addition to vegetables, it is also used for purposes such as insect repellent.
We also plant herbs as companion plants.
Companion plants mean that they help each other, and when vegetables and herbs are planted together in a good combination, they can prevent pests and diseases, promote growth, increase yields, improve flavor and aroma, etc. It is said to produce various positive effects.
I started planting companion plants in earnest this year, but I also did it last year, and when I planted an herb called nasturtium, it was effective against pests like ladybugs.

All of our staff members grow vegetables and herbs with love so that we can provide our customers with safe, secure, and delicious vegetables and herbs.

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