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Limited menu "Pork Toro Steak"! !

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Hello everyone.

This is Masayuki Sato, a butcher at Tategamori Ark Farm. This time, a new addition will be added to the BBQ terrace meals.

We would like to introduce the June limited menu "Pork Toro Steak".

This is a rare part of the Tategamori Plateau pig, and we only have 2 slices of approximately 200g from each pig.

Usually, we offer thick cuts at our stores, but this time! !

We would like you to enjoy 10 servings for one day only at the BBQ terrace for 840 yen including tax.


Since it is a steak, it will be slowly grilled over charcoal.

While cooking, remove the fat around the meat and make the inside juicy! !

It's absolutely delicious. Enjoy with salt and pepper to taste.
We look forward to seeing you.

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