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Meat, bread, and sweets ♪ Please stop by the farm market ♪

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Every day is a perfect day for cherry blossom viewing. The tulips are starting to bloom at Tategamori Ark Farm, and the tulips are in full bloom, creating a pleasant breeze for a walk.
Additionally, three mother pigs are grazing on the farm. The baby is due to be born in mid-April, so we might be able to meet during Golden Week (*^_^*)
The rabbit has also given birth to a baby and is looking cute♪
Tamago Hiroi will be open from the 16th! ! 10:30-14:00 ¥50 per piece Please come with your family, couples, friends, or even by yourself! ! You can also enjoy the Easter feeling♪
I hope you enjoyed the ranch. . .
Lunch at Till's♪♪
And then, before you go home, go shopping at the farm market♪
Thick slices of delicious herb pork raised by the pig farming department! ! fillet. Fresh sausages delivered from the factory. Fresh vegetables grown by members of the farm department. We also sell bread and sweets made with homemade wheat (^-^)
Introducing herb cookies from among them. We pick herbs such as thyme, mint, lemon balm, rosemary, and basil that are blooming on the farm (the herbs used change depending on the season) and place them one by one on top of the cookies and bake them.
The taste is so fresh and gentle that the moment you open the package, you'll be enveloped in the refreshing smell of being on a farm.
I would appreciate it if you could pick it up as a souvenir ♪ as a memory ♪ (*^_^*)
Farm Market Chika Hatakeyama


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