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Udon noodles made with "organic wheat without pesticides" from the farm are now available!

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Restaurant Til's was basically closed during the winter on weekdays, but we resumed business on weekdays from March 22, 2016.

Taking the opportunity of reopening, we have started offering homemade udon noodles with no food additives, using southern wheat harvested from the 12-hectare organic, pesticide-free wheat field inside Tategamori Ark Farm.

Menus using this noodle also appear on weekday menus.

We have also started offering our services at the popular "Buffet" held on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

The recommended way to eat at a buffet is to pour a small amount of the special soup over the udon noodles, then top with Tategamori Ark Farm's unique pork curry.

Once you try this way of eating, you'll become addicted to it, and it's become a craze among farm staff.

We hope that you will try it at least once.

Manufacturing Sales Department Tamura

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