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Open from tomorrow!

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It's warm today, is not it.

The season is finally here, starting with the three-day holiday starting tomorrow.

Herb Hall Restaurant Till's is officially open.

In the kitchen today, the staff are busy working in preparation for tomorrow, with a nervous look on their faces.

What is your best recommendation starting tomorrow?

When I asked about it, the answer I got was, "Tonkatsu!"

So, this is freshly fried Tategamori Kogen pork cutlet. It was delicious.

After the photo shoot, it settled into my stomach. (Not all)

And the plant shop is also open.

We also stock herb and flower seedlings, as well as new garden goods.

The person in charge, Yukie Chiba, is waiting for you.

Along with pansies that I grew from seeds myself.

Inside the farm, yellow flowers such as daffodils, Mansaku, Roubai, and Sanshuyu are in full bloom, as well as fragrant red and white plums.

There are also areas scheduled for renovation work, so please look forward to that.

Shizu Hashimoto


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