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Spring is here. Hurry up! !

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After a cold and warm winter, spring has finally arrived.
For us, the winter that we struggled with due to snow damage is finally over, and we are once again bracing ourselves and thinking, ``Well, it's about to begin!''
What makes me feel that way is the growth of flowers, plants, and vegetables.

The delicate yellow flowers of the wax plum blossoms blooming on ``Kateru no Oka'' on the farm.

This is red plum. It blooms along the road in the lavender fields and gives off a warm feeling.

Daffodils have also begun to bloom in Wanpaku Square. (From now on, it will bloom everywhere on the farm)

This is Shungiku and its name is Maruha Shungiku.
A representative vegetable that is indispensable for winter hot pot dishes.
It is sweeter and has a softer texture than regular garland chrysanthemums, so you can enjoy it in tempura, ohitashi, or raw as a salad.
At Ark Ranch, you can eat at Restaurant Till's.

Maruha shungiku is ready for harvest in the greenhouse.

Spring is almost here. Various flowers will bloom at Ark Farm from now on.

I have a feeling this spring will be as warm as last year.

And before the large number of customers arrive, the eyes of the staff begin to shine.

``Spring is here. It's coming quickly...'' That's how I feel these days.

Farm Department Fujino


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