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Maruha Shungiku

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Have you ever heard the name Shungiku Maruha?
It is one of the 15 vegetables certified as Kaga vegetables, and is also called Kanazawa shungiku.
I didn't learn enough about the garland chrysanthemums that have been grown on the ranch for the past few years to be such a valuable vegetable.
But after researching it, I was convinced.
This delicious garland chrysanthemum is not an ordinary thing!
Softness, rich sweetness, and elegant aroma.
The other vegetables are also grown with great care and are delicious.
A house within a house. I even covered her with a futon and she is growing fast.
When you enter the house, you can see firsthand how carefully the animals are being raised.
That's why we have to be careful about harvesting, and not waste it.
It cannot be expressed in words, so please come and visit the natural food restaurant Till's.
Thank you to all the farm staff for providing delicious vegetables all year round.
The cold winter will soon be over.

Miyuki Hashinuma

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