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Spring has come!

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It's been warmer these days!
However, the cold days continue...
Influenza is still prevalent. Everyone please be careful!

Today, I would like to introduce you to the cake set that is served at Restaurant Til's cafe!
Until now, we had been serving cakes and sweets sold at the farm market to our customers.
Starting this year, we will be serving Till's original desserts!
Depending on the season, we would like to offer content that is appropriate for that season.

Here are the cake sets we are currently offering! ↓↓

What's in the glass is jasmine jelly made with herbal tea.
Inside the white pottery in the foreground is a handmade pudding made with old eggs from the farm.
And this is the gateau chocolat that I served at the buffet for Valentine's Day the other day.
We plan to improve gateau chocolat little by little in consultation with the chef so that we can provide even more delicious products to our customers.

This dessert can only be tasted at Restaurant Til's, so please come and try it! We are waiting for you☆

Restaurant Tills Rei Kato


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