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Pork for Valentine's Day too!

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The time for that event is approaching again this year!
Yes, it's "Valentine's Day".

Speaking of Valentine's Day, chocolate is the standard, but this year, how about giving a gift of meat?
The usual sweet chocolate is fine, but once in a while, if you give him a special piece of meat as a gift, even a gourmet lover will be happy!

So, what would a man be happy to receive?

We asked the male staff of Tategamori Ark Farm to introduce their favorite products from Tategamori Ark Farm!

[1st place] Tategamori Kogen Pork Ginjozuke

[2nd place] Additive-free garlic sausage

[3rd place] Additive-free arabiki sausage

So, the result is like this!
After all, it seems that chewy miso-zuke and garlic sausages are popular with men.

Please take a look at these products recommended by our male staff ^^

In addition, we have many products perfect for Valentine's dinner available at our online shop!

【online shop】

Sales Department Yukako Shinohara

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