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New product paprikawurst

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Hello! This is Ito from the Tategamori Ark Farm Sales Department.

This time we would like to introduce our new product "Paprika Wurst".

Paprikawurst is a thick, soft sausage made with red and green paprika.This product is made by slicing ``Aufschnitt'' (thick sausage).

It has a smooth taste and a refreshing flavor. Red and green paprika add color to the dish.
It's delicious to eat as is, but it's also delicious with vegetables in a salad, or sandwiched between bread.

Additionally, since aufschnit is a soft fabric, additives and binders are usually used to keep it in shape.
However, this paprikawurst is an innovative product that does not contain any preservatives, colorants, binders, chemical seasonings, or fillers.

``Paprikawurst'' is perfect for hors d'oeuvre.
You can purchase this product here.

How about enjoying this opportunity?

Sales Department Hiroki Ito

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