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We would like to introduce our winter work that is often asked by our customers.
We Til's staff belong to the manufacturing and sales department.
This is the third year that we have had a buffet service on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays during the winter season.
Preparation and preparation for that. Other than that, the main thing is making pork buns, which are very popular this time of year.
I've been rolling non-stop for 6 to 7 hours since morning.
Each face is different.
However, this season, everyone has the same face, as if to symbolize that everyone's hearts are one.
This year, we are also focusing on product development.
In between preparing the buffet and making pork buns, I am repeatedly trying to create new products using wheat and potatoes through trial and error.
Creating new products is not easy.
However, we are all working together and working hard every day to increase the number of original farm products.
Dreaming of the day when a new product debuts.

Miyuki Hashinuma

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