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Hello! It's been a long time since we've seen a real winter scene.
How are you all doing?
A new year has started, and many of you may have set various goals.
I'm sure there are some people who are thinking of starting some kind of sport.
As a first step for such people, we recommend
Starting event of the 7th Tategamori Kaze Festival to be held on Sunday, January 31st
"Tategamori Gourmet Fun Run"
The race starts at 10:00 and the time limit is 2 hours.
Even elementary school children can enjoy reaching the goal.
There is a course where you can feed the animals.
Eating delicious Tategamori gourmet food.
It's OK to walk! It's OK to run!
You can enjoy Tategamori at your leisure.
Under such circumstances, the joy of moving your body,
The charm of Tategamori in winter,
I noticed many things, such as the cute appearance of animals.
I think you can get it.
Apply by today. We look forward to receiving your applications.
I hope the Tategamori Kaze Festival is blessed with good weather♪

Farm Market Misae Sato

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