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Congratulations! Poultry Farming Department Monthly 5S Grand Prize Winner

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"5S activities" carried out by each division of Ark Group
Our poultry department was selected for the Monthly 5S Grand Prize, which is given to a department with excellent activities!

First award this year.

This is the third year since full-scale 5S activities have been carried out throughout the company.
The content of the activities has steadily improved in accuracy, and the level has reached a considerably high level.
Nowadays, it is difficult to win the grand prize.

Meanwhile, please take a look at the whole story of winning the grand prize.

We were having trouble managing the laundry for the five members of the poultry farming department.

It looks like this ↓
(Laundered work clothes left as is)

First of all, we all decided to clean the changing room ↓
(All items, including the slats and work clothes storage area, are taken outside and cleaned all at once.)

If I could tell whose work clothes it was...
We all shared our opinions and decided to color code ↓
(Model Ayumi Sugawara is the Madonna of the Poultry Farming Club)pinkis)

We also displayed each person's color in their work clothes ↓

Ayumi is pink ↓

Of course, fold it properly and put it in ↓

With this improvement, laundry no longer piles up.
Small things can make your work easier and easier to organize.
Now in its third year, 5S activities seem to have spread considerably.

I'll do my best next year so I don't end up cheating like I did for the third year.
(Sorry for the old man gag)

Poultry Farming Department Kenichi Hashinuma


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