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2016 Unofficial Offers

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Hello. This is honma from the sales department.

Yesterday, three people who are scheduled to join Ark Ranch next year attended a formal employment ceremony.
It's here.
All of them greeted each other with a mixture of expectation and anxiety.
When he looked me in the eye and greeted me, I was confident that he would do it.

I'm a mid-career student, but I wonder what it was like when I was a new graduate.
Looking back, there were about 40 people at the same time.
I was the organizer of the drinking party and created the list.
I feel like I was just thinking about how to stand out in this scene (lol)
Of course, at work, we have a sense of rivalry,
I think he also worked hard on self-development.

I am currently in the position of being in charge of two new graduates joining the company.
I think they are steadily growing.
I hope that the three people who will join the company next year can catch up and surpass these seniors.
I want them to develop into people who will carry the future of Ark Ranch on their shoulders.

Sales Department Honma


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