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We have a new pork bun gift.

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It's gotten noticeably colder lately.

We are finally starting to see a snowman symbol in the weekly weather forecast.

If you go shopping during this time...

We are starting to see more and more ingredients for hotpot dishes and products that warm the body.

As part of my job, I feel that while shipping products,

The number of times we receive orders for pork buns is increasing.

And this time, Ark Farm has prepared a gift of pork buns.

A set of 8 individual pork buns.

100% Tategamori Kogen pork
We use organic, pesticide-free wheat harvested on the farm, and each piece is made by our staff.

In addition, since it is manufactured without additives, we believe that you can enjoy the original flavor of the ingredients.

A pork bun set that has never existed before.

We are now entering the year-end gift season.

For those who are considering gifts for various purposes rather than as year-end gifts.

We hope you will consider it as a gift this year.

By the way
Check out how to enjoy it deliciously.

<How to eat>
●For microwave oven:
Soak the pork buns in water.
Place a wet paper towel over the frozen pork buns and let them cool for about 8 minutes.
Warm the defrosted pork buns in the microwave for about 3 minutes.

●For steamer:
Wrap the pork buns in a damp cloth and steam them.
Steaming time for frozen pork buns is approximately 30 minutes.
Thawed pork buns take about 15 minutes.

~~For you to enjoy it more deliciously~~ 
I don't have a steamer, but the flavor disappears in the microwave.
One point advice if you don't like it...

1. Place the bowl in a deep pot and place a plate on top.
2. Place the pork bun wrapped in a wet cloth on top.
3. Pour about 6cm of water into the pot, cover and steam.

see you···

Sales Department Iwabuchi

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