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Advantageous net shop point!

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Hello. My name is Ito from the sales department.

This time, I will talk about the point system of online shops, which is surprisingly unknown.

When you purchase a product from our online shop,1% of product priceare accumulated as points.

Points will be added only for shopping at the online shop "Tategamori Gochiso Bin".

Accumulated points can be exchanged for various products. When using points, please fill in the "number of points to be used" and "exchange product" in the remarks column at the time of shopping.

For example, if you use 5000P, click hereroast ham classic stylecan be exchanged for.

Please note that points cannot be used to pay for products and cannot be used in conjunction with other Tategamori Ark Ranch point services.

In addition to the Roast Ham Classic Style, there are other products that can be exchanged for points, so please refer to the URL below.

When using Tategamori Ark Ranch's online shop, please make use of your points!

Sales Department Hiroki Ito


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