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Ten ways to fail at work

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== 10 rules for failing at work ==

① I believe that the conventional method is the best, and I do not doubt it

② Mochi is a rice cake shop.

③ Use your body to break your bones (without thinking with your head)

④ I've managed to come this far, so I'm always relieved that things will work out (even if it's painful)

⑤ Don't study at all, saying you don't have time or are busy

⑥ I am confident that good products will sell naturally.

⑦ I can't do that, and I don't improve anything

⑧ I think that customers are too selfish and troublesome.

⑨ Complaints are nothing to do with you, leave it to others

⑩ Only date people who compliment you


This is one of the impressive things I heard at a lecture before.

It may be relatively rudimentary in many cases, but even in daily work, in order not to make mistakes, we tend to forget and

Maybe you have something you want to do.

Some people may be surprised at one or two things.

There are many things I myself can't do even if I think about it on a daily basis.

I look back on it from time to time.

By the way, our staff is fine! , and trust.

Shizu Hashimoto

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