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[With recipe] Product "Schenkel Shinken" that I want you to know more about

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The trees and plants in the city are gradually changing colors.
It's cool and pleasant in the morning.

This is Sasaki from the Tokyo sales office for the first time in over a month!

This time, I often use it for cooking at home these days.
About the new product “Schenkel Shinken”
I would love to talk to you!

This product is new for this spring.
When I heard only the name, I was often asked "What kind of product?" at events.
In fact, it is a brother product of our popular product, rose bacon.
Using parts of pork that are particularly low in fat,
Smoked with cherry chips, just like loose bacon
It's a very healthy bacon! ! ! !

"I love bacon, but I'm worried about the fat and calories."
This product is especially recommended for customers who are worried about it because it has less fat.

There are many lean parts, but the texture is not hard,
Juicy and heated, the scent of smoke stands out,
You can fully enjoy the flavor of Tategamori Kogen pork.

Not only can you enjoy it in the same cooking method as regular bacon,
It is also recommended to put it raw on a baguette and make a sandwich!

Also, add a little hand, layer Schenkel Shinken, perilla, and cheese,
"Schenkel Shinken's mille-feuille" wrapped in spring roll skin and baked
Sasaki's recommended recipe that will impress you with the amount of meat juice that overflows.
It is easy to make because it can be made in a toaster or oven.
It's easy to prepare and clean up, so it's useful even when you're busy! !

[Mille-feuille of Schenkel Shinken]
for 2 people
・4 sheets of Schenkel Shinken
・6 perilla leaves
・Natural cheese (sliced) 3 pieces
・2 spring roll wrappers (large)

1. Layer in order of schenkelshinken, perilla, and cheese
2. Cut the mille-feuille in half
3. Wrap each in a spring roll wrapper
*Be careful not to wrap it tightly, otherwise the cheese and gravy will overflow.
4. heat until the skin turns golden brown
* Toaster 6 minutes (After that, adjust by 2 minutes while checking the degree of baking on the surface)
Oven (180℃) 5 minutes

A customer who thought, "I've been wondering about it for a while...".
Please try it once at this opportunity!

[Schenkel Shinken] 

Tokyo Sales Office Koudai Sasaki

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